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The Past 25 Years

DRC2525 years ago when DRC started, the world of business was a different place. Back then, we felt that business was about to face unprecedented change and the complexity of management decisions would challenge even the most capable managers. Moreover, managers needed better to meet the demands of business.


At the time, birds made tweets, the cellphone where not a product twitterfor the mass market, and social media was akin to date-night at the movies. For the next twenty years, the pace of technological advancement continued to accelerate, unparalleled in history. Globalization touched every aspect of commerce and culture, as governments and corporations struggled to make sense of the changing economic and business environment. Today the world is changing before our eyes and turning business on its head.

Reflecting on our work throughout the world since 1989, and the challenges our clients faced, the real lessons for DRC go beyond the intended outcomes of a given project. These lessons resulted from the positive consequences of concentrated work efforts. In all cases, success came to those business leaders who were passion ate, curious, and committed life-long learners. These qualities enable individuals in an orgaTiananmen-Square-protesto-001nization to discover the best business opportunities and find new paths to the future.

The past 25 years have brought many management programs to many organizations – re-engineering, process innovation, corporate venturing, Six-sigma, and TQM to name a few. All of which have lead to many success stories, but at DRC, regardless of what concepts are trending in the management circles, we have learned through our work with clients that people, practices, information and customers require relentless reviewing, analyzing, testing and implementing of theories and solutions. For our clients this means we become trusted thought partners in shaping the future and driving performance and change.