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IoT & Robotics

There are many misconceptions surrounding robotics, technology disruptions and business innovations. For example, the thought that the Internet was a single break-through technology that changed the world is simply false – although it is one of the greatest disruptions in the history of modern business. Moreover, there are many disruptions and advancements converging to create the momentum of change we all face. Rather than thinking of disruptive technologies and innovations as outliers, business leaders and innovation must recognize the relevance and implications of these business game-changers as a fundamental component of the competitive landscape of a global economy.

DRC Analysis Framework for IoT & Robotics IoT Robotic.

Our research shows that a new next wave of innovation in business will be driven through robotics and applied technologies that extend the usefulness of the networks and radically change how business is conducted and/or how products add value to customer relationships. Many have dubbed this the Internet-of-Things (IoT) but it is more than that.

Recently I attended a technology forum sponsored by the Industrial Internet Consortium. Concepts like sensors, big data, IoT, robotics and analytics peppered the presentations and discussions. What struck me most about the session is that most The attendees and presenters tended to focus on the point solutions and specific components of technology without focusing on the outcomes of an IoT implementation from manufacturing and service through the value attained by customers.  IoT and robotics should mean more than figuring out way to cut costs.  It needs to be viewed from the customer’s perspective.

Applying robotics and applied innovations to today businesses must be based upon the simple principle that starts with the customer. Business managers must carefully determining the current state of the business from a customer’s perspective, assessing technology trends and the impact on the business of the future; projecting how the value contribution of products and services evolve and envisioning a new way the customer’s benefit from advancement. An informed vision will guide decisions and investments that will produce the desired changes. It is necessary for leaders to relentless assess where they are today and where they must be tomorrow.

For business hoping to benefit from the new technology platforms, they must be ready to adopt new management practices that incorporate concepts from Agile management methods, the Internet of Things, and DevOps to readily address the customers requirements. To expand capacity through robotics and/or extend their reach with customer through an IoT solution, there are some critical first steps to consider.  First, know your customer and second, know your required processes to serve the evolving needs of the customer.

A word of caution.
If IoT and robotics are not central to the overall business planning, then inevitably the business will be vulnerable to newcomers with disruptive technologies. With rapid change in most industries, and as markets shift from old product solutions to alternative product offerings, the front-end advantage in an industry change cycle is far better than lagging in innovation.

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