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What many may see as a problem; we see as opportunity. Moreover, we believe that people make the difference.  Every client challenge is unique, requiring a dedicated team from analysis through the formulation of recommendations to implementations.  We pursue each client challenge with a disciplined methodology designed to objectively assess critical information and innovate management thinking. Typically, engagements are organized into distinct phases designed to uncover broad issues derived from a comprehensive analysis. Our approach combines deep insight into the dynamics of business and market processes at all levels of the client organization. This enables our clients to secure a foundation for competitive advantage, enhance operational performance, build human capital, and assure sustainable results.

Dartmouth Research & Consulting is committed to:

  • Building competitive advantage for clients
  • Identifying opportunities for innovation and positive change
  • Providing management solutions that build capabilities and optimize organizations
  • Leveraging human capital investments

Since 1989, DRC has earned trust and respect as a counselor to businesses and organizations throughout the world.  Our success is defined by our clients’ success. In 2005, DRC Mexico SA was formed to serve clients throughout Mexico and Latin America.

As an international firm, DRC maintains an active presence in London, New York City, Mexico City, Tokyo and Bangalore, India, addressing the regions’ major industry sectors, including financial services, technology and telecommunications, and industrial and consumer product companies.